The Libertine Neighborhood Bag

How it Works

“CSA” stands for “Community-Supported Agriculture”. It’s a system of connecting farmers to buyers that people in the small farming community have been using for decades. In this system, farmers sell directly to consumers, who pick up their produce once per week from a pick-up point.

Using the Libertine CSA, you will receive a bag of produce and food each week, containing only the freshest from local producers and housemade goods from The Libertine Kitchen!

First, you pick the plan you would like and subscribe. Then, once a week, you come to The Libertine to pick up your CSA share. We do the rest – we talk to the farmers, we gather the produce together, and we sort it into your bag. Every Thursday, after 4:00 you stop into the restaurant and pick up your produce!

What’s in the bag?

Every week, we will make sure to offer a balanced basket. It won’t be all carrots – we will have the best local farmers’ produce at our fingertips and will lovingly craft your bag each week.

Every time, we will make sure that your bag includes a variety of food. With an eye towards balance, we will make sure to include vegetables that combine well together as you cook throughout the week. But it won’t be just vegetables! We are also offering freshly baked bread, cheese, eggs and other delicious products as they become available. Chef Samantha Mitchell and Proprietor Audra Luedde will include recipes and even some prepared items each week, such as Fresh Bread, Preserves & Pickles! At the Libertine, we love food – and we love to help others discover the talented farmers and chefs in the community.

The Libertine CSA will consist of 3 “Seasons” in 8 week sessions. Shares are limited, so be sure to sign up soon!  Every member will also receive a 10% discount when dining at The Libertine!

Pricing and Plans

The Libertine CSA will consist of 3 “Seasons” in 8 week sessions. Shares are limited, so be sure to sign up soon!

Spring: April 27th-June 15th

Summer: June 22nd-August 17th

Fall: August 24th-October 12th


Omnivorous: Meat and dairy, vegetables, bread, and more!
Full subscription: $495

Vegetarian: Dairy (eggs and cheese), vegetables, bread, and more!
Full subscription: $495


The Libertine CSA St. Louis


How do I Pay?
Payments will be made in one lump sum for the session, to be paid before the Season begins.

When do I pick up my bag? 
Every Thursday after 4:oopm. Grab a drink or dinner to take advantage of your 10% discount!

What if I can’t pick up my bag or go on vacation?  
If you will be unable to pick up your CSA share, just let us know if you’ll have a friend come pick it up or you can donate your bag to a local food bank!

How do I enroll in the next Season?  
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll automatically be enrolled in all 3 seasons. Space is limited, so we want to make sure you have your spot! However, you can opt in and out of each Season as needed.

Another Question?
Please contact us with any questions at all: